Jarrah Honey

Healing Burns with Jarrah Honey

A burn from the exhaust pipe of a motorbike caused this damage. The dressing was changed daily and Jarrah honey applied each time. The photos are taken over a period of 3 weeks. There is virtually no sign of the injury now. (Photos Karen Belford)

Healing and Caring for Infections with Jarrah Honey

A war veteran needed surgery after an operation for skin cancer and the surgeon harvested skin from his leg. The area became infected. Jarrah honey was applied to the infected area and the healing was painless and quick.

Healing Pets Naturally with Jarrah Honey

The Manning’s dog, Sophie, was attacked by another dog and the wound became infected. Rob Manning applied Jarrah honey straight onto the wound for several days under a plaster and the wound healed within 10 days. (Photos and story Rob Manning)